Attractions and Museums in the city of Ioannina and the area around Perama

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

Kale Castle

To Byzantine Museum

Aslan Pasha Mosque (year 1618)

The Museum of Photios Rapakousis

The Ottoman Library

The Ottoman Mosque of Veli Pasha

The Pre-Revolutionary Period Museum

The Historic Center of Ioannina

The Arcade of Louli

The Municipal Gallery of Ioannina

Other attractions in the area around Perama village include:

Zagorochoria villages at a close distance to Perama village in Ioannina

The Zagori region with its network of 46 beautiful stone-built villages

The beautiful and picturesque Metsovo with its cheese making and wine tradition

The record breaking Vikos Gorge

The world famous Cave in Perama

Ancient Dodona, with its well-preserved ancient theatre, about 22 km south of Ioannina city

Dodona oracle and ancient theatre

Lake Pamvotis or Ioannina

Lake Ioannina (Greek: Λίμνη Ιωαννίνων Limni Ioanninon), also Pamvotis (Greek: Παμβώτις) is the largest lake of Epirus, located in the central part of the Ioannina regional unit in northern Greece. Ioannina to the west and the town of Perama to the north are urban settlements fringing the lake while the remaining of its periphery is composed of farmland. The lake features small fishing ports and a boating port. There is a regular boat service to the Ioannina Island.

Lake Ioannina is situated at 470 m elevation, south of the Mitsikeli mountains. It is fed by several small rivers. It has no surface outflow, but it is drained through karstic sinkholes towards the rivers Arachthos, Louros and Kalamas. The small inhabited Ioannina Island, where Ali Pasha was hiding during the last days of his reign, is situated near the northern shore.

The island in the lake Pamvotis, Ioannina city

Source: wiki